Projects with Maricel Delgado

de loin, Fenster 61, Berlin, 2009
allá/là-bas/dort, [e]star, Lima, 2010

During a study trip to Paris, Katrin Ströbel and Maricel Delgado (Lima, Peru) collaborated on a joint project that was to be produced in London and Berlin in October 2008. When it became evident that the project would fail because, with Maricel´s restriced Visa as a Peruvian citizen, Maricel was refused entry to Germany or Britian, the two decided to complete the project despite the changed circumstances. Maricel stayed in Paris while Katrin went to London and they did a whole series of small works that reflected on the situtation. Some weeks later Katrin also went to Berlin (while Maircel was still in Paris) in order to take the photographs on her own as the Peruvian photographer would have done, trying to see the city with her colleague’s eyes and forgetting her own view. The result is a series of “remote-controlled” photographs which addresses questions of authorship as well as the construction of an image of a foreign, unfamiliar city from a distance.