Victor Cruz & Hugo Portillo, Regula Dettwiler, Jongwan Jang, Seif Kousmate,
Edith Payer, Mi Jung Shin, Katrin Ströbel and Roswitha Weingrill
July 9 - August 4, 2024
Art Sonje Center, Seoul

Janusz Czech, Anina Gröger, Anika Hirt, Peco Kawashima, Harald Kröner,
Mohammed Laouli, Vito Pace, Simon Pfeffel, Lisa-Marie Pfeffel, Katrin Ströbel
July 5 - September 29, 2024
Kunstverein Pforzheim

A collective publication resulting from a research project led by Sophie Orlando and Katrin Ströbel that takes as its starting point the way in which current geopolitical, economic and social changes induce a renewal and adjustment of artistic strategies, by investing, in an intersectional perspective, contextual thinking and feminist, queer and postcolonial thinking in an artistic and conceptual way.
Edited by Sophie Orlando et Katrin Ströbel.
Contributions by Sara Ahmed, Flo*Souad Benaddi, M'barek Bouhchichi, Jagna Ciuchta, Vitor Carvahlo Rezende, Karima El Karmoudi, Annie Ernaux, Filles de Blédards, Nikolaus Gansterer, Nelle Gevers, Stella Geppert, Stuart Hall*, HaYoung, Laïla Hida, Gil Lekh, Marielle Macé, Maya Mihindou, Bonaventure Ndikung, Sarah Netter, Sophie Orlando, Qalqalah (Virginie Bobin, Victorine Grataloup, Salma Mochtari), Samir Ramdani, Damien Ruvet, H·Alix Sanyas, Massinisa Selmani, Ghita Skali, Nergis Songün, Katrin Ströbel, Silina Syan, Sayak Valencia.
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Some of Us is an anthology of contemporary artists bringing together over 2,500 visual archives (visuals of works and exhibition views) since the early 2000s in France. Providing a panorama, both retrospective and prospective, of the French scene’s diversity, our anthology contributes to the visibility of over 400 artists.
While the place of womxn in art is now being reconsidered, the situation is far from equitable: they continue to be in the minority, and their visibility in creation remains far inferior. Some of us intends to give a voice to those who have been historically silenced or completely forgotten: womxn, artists of color, non-Euro-Americans and/or queer, trans and non-binary artists.
Edited by Marianne Derrien & Jérôme Cotinet-Alphaize
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