All welcome all mercy, 2018/2019, L'Espace de l’art concret, centre d'art contemporain à Mouans-Sartoux

The exhibition "All welcome all mercy" is the outcome of a long term artistic research that Katrin Ströbel carried out during her residency at L'Espace de l’art concret, centre d'art contemporain à Mouans-Sartoux in 2018. Continuing her reflection on the conditions of production and presentation of the art, the artist enriches her restitution by confronting her own works with a selection of artworks from the permanent collection.
"All welcome all mercy" are the first lines of a book published by the artist Aurelie Nemours in 1975. This book, entitled „HAITI O ERZULIE“, is published by the French minimal artist twenty years after a stay in Haiti. Little known to the public, the book brings together a selection of photographs, popular songs and Haitian rituals. Referring to the title of Nemour's book, Katrin Ströbel suggests new perspectives on the works of artists like Aurelie Nemours, Marcelle Cahn and Dadamaino. By revisiting certain works from the collection from a feminist and postcolonial perspective, the artist examines how the perception of artworks is shaped by its architectural, historical or geopolitical context.

Text interventions by Sven Beckstette, Iris Dressler, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung and Sophie Orlando