Making love to unknown cities, 2018, La Kunsthalle Mulhouse

"Making love to unknown cities" is both an installation and a performative lecture that was developed for the exhibition "My North is your South" at La Kunsthalle Mulhouse in 2018. It is a multi-layered project about the (female) body, public space and space(s) of intimacy.
"Making loves to unknown cities" are two identical jumpsuits that can be worn in two ways. Architectural drawings, travel routes, bits of personal maps and fragments of texts are printed of the fabric. These elements frame the body within a specific context and evoke the impact that our urban environment has on the individual. Clothing becomes a significant second skin, burdened by history and culture. The edition in French and German "Making loves to unknown cities" examines the relation between, gender, body and public space in different cultural contexts.

performance: collaboration with Flo*Souad Benaddi
documentation: Camille Chastang